Does InqScribe work with Mac OSX Lion (10.7)?

InqScribe works fine in Mac OSX Lion (10.7), with one easy-to-address caveat. Here is our partial report:

InqScribe launches in Lion and will perform the basics — video playback, timecode insertion, even foot pedal controls all work fine. Transcript windows scroll nicely with Lion’s new multitouch and scrollbar. InqScribe also works with Lion’s “saved state” feature, meaning that the windows you were working on during your last session will automatically open next time you launch it.

There is one important caveat: Lion (and Snow Leopard) users still need QuickTime 7.6.6. This is true of all versions of Mac OS after 10.6.

Though it is not required, we recommend that all InqScribe users install QuickTime 7, since it supports many features that are not supported by the more recent QuickTime X (in Mac OS 10.6 and higher) and Windows Media Player (in Windows). QuickTime is available as a free download from Apple.

There are several versions of QuickTime 7 available, depending on your OS version.


  • Depending on how you open your movie files, they may launch by default in QuickTime X. So if you’re doing things like subtitling, make sure to open your subtitled movies in QuickTime 7.6.6.
  • In Lion, QuickTime 7 installs to your Applications > Utilities folder rather than the “Applications” folder.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us via the contact form on this site.

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