Why can't I rewind with my foot pedal?

If you cannot rewind (or review) media using your foot pedal, the issue is most likely that your system's underlying video player does not support rewind for the particular media format you are using.

What InqScribe can do to control your media is dependent on the media format and the capabilities of your system's underlying video players (i.e., QuickTime or Windows Media Player).

We describe this issue in a separate article about media playback support.

Try the following steps:

1. If you don't have QuickTime 7 installed on your Mac, install it. This will expand your computer's video playback capabilities.

Though it is not required, we recommend that all Mac users install QuickTime 7, since it supports many features that are not supported by the more recent QuickTime X (in Mac OS 10.6 and higher). Windows* and Mac users can download QuickTime 7 for free from Apple’s website.

*NOTE: Due to security risks, we do not recommend QuickTime for Windows users (more on this subject here).

2. Try changing InqScribe's preferred media player settings.

InqScribe relies on your system’s underlying video engine— either QuickTime or Windows Media Player— to handle video playback. Windows users can choose InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player.”

Here’s how to change InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player” settings:

  • Start InqScribe. 
  • Select the “Edit→Options…” menu item. 
  • Select “QuickTime Player” or "Windows Media Player (whichever one isn’t already selected) from the “Preferred Player:” popup menu. 
  • Click OK.

3. Try "Review" rather than "Rewind." You might find that certain commands are supported while other similar ones are not.

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