[2.5 Beta] Why isn't InqScribe saving to Dropbox?

This article is specific to the InqScribe 2.5 beta for macOS. If you're not running this version of InqScribe, please disregard.

We've recently found some issues with the way the InqScribe 2.5 beta saves to cloud-synced folders, such as Dropbox. While it may not affect the first or even second time you save, once Dropbox has time to create a "temp" file, InqScribe freezes and progress may be lost.

This obviously isn't intended behavior and we're working on a new approach to saving for the future. For the time being, you may want to work off your local computer, and then, when you've finished your work session, copy and paste your work into Dropbox. That way you won't risk losing your recent changes.

Thanks for your patience in testing the beta. We'll continue smoothing out the experience on the road to version 2.5's official release. If you have further questions or concerns, you can reach us at support@inqscribe.com

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