How can I share media files via the web with other InqScribe users?

We are often asked if InqScribe can play media files served via the web. The answer is yes, InqScribe can play any web-based media file that (a) is in an InqScribe-compatible media format and (b) has it’s own unique URL.

(Unfortunately, this rules out YouTube video which relies on Flash player. InqScribe doesn’t support Flash video for a number of reasons.)

But it is possible to post publicly sharable media and share the file’s URL with others so that they can play that media file in their own copies of InqScribe.

Here’s one example of how to do this using the popular Dropbox service:

  1. Sign up for a free Dropbox account
  2. Drop an InqScribe-compatible video in a Dropbox Public folder. (Generally, anything that plays in QuickTime or Windows Media Player will play in InqScribe.)
  3. Locate your media file in the Dropbox Public folder (bear in mind it must be the public folder in order for InqScribe to locate it), and right click the icon. In the contextual menu, select the Dropbox: Copy Public URL option.
  4. Launch InqScribe
  5. Click the “Select Media Source…” button above the video pane, then choose “Source Type: Media-based URL.”
  6. Paste the public Dropbox URL from your clipboard. Click ok and the video should load.

Of course, this is just one possible solution— there are many other services that allow you to share media files in this way.

Got other ideas for sharing video? Need additional features? Let us know via our customer feedback pages.


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