If you're looking for a tool that will automatically create a transcript for you, that's not what InqScribe is about.

InqScribe does not have speech-to-text technology. It does not automatically create a transcript for you. InqScribe is a tool that facilitates manual transcription, but you still have to do the typing.

It is possible to use InqScribe in conjunction with speech recognition software. You can generate your initial pass there, then paste the results into InqScribe, then use InqScribe to edit your text and insert your timecodes at the desired points.

What is InqScribe good for? InqScribe is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own transcripts by unifying the media playback and transcribing experiences within a single window. It lets you control your audio or video playback using your keyboard (or, optionally, a USB foot pedal), and easily insert timecodes in the transcript that can later be used to jump to specific parts of the media file or to create subtitles. It provides a number of shortcuts for common tasks, and allows you to create customizable snippets that insert frequently used text and commands at the press of a button.

If you're interested in trying InqScribe, head over to our website to request a free 14-day trial. This will give you the chance to decide if InqScribe is right for your needs.

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