There are a few different reasons why InqScribe might be having trouble registering your license code:

1. You're entering the license code incorrectly. It may sound simple, but most problems with registration involve entering the wrong code. Watch out especially for zeros vs the letter “o” and ones vs the letter “i”. The best way to enter codes is to copy and paste it from your purchase confirmation email.

2. You're not using a valid InqScribe license. You could be entering an expired trial license, or maybe you're entering the license code of another product. In any case, it's best to find the original confirmation email and copy and paste it into the license code field.

3. You're running an old version of InqScribe. Newly purchased license codes require you to run InqScribe 2.1 or newer. Trial licenses require InqScribe 2.2.5 or newer. To check what version you're using, click "Help>About InqScribe." To upgrade, select "Help>Check For Updates" or download InqScribe from our website.

4. InqScribe doesn't have permission to edit its preferences file. This often occurs in computer labs or with shared computers. In order to complete registration, InqScribe needs access to its preferences file. Your computer lab's user permission settings might be either preventing InqScribe from editing this file, or deleting any changes to the file it deems unauthorized. If this is the case, it's best to contact your lab administrator for instructions on how to properly register InqScribe.

If none of the above suggestions resolve your licensing problem, please contact us at