We accept purchase orders via our web store. Please specify "Purchase Order" as your payment method during checkout and we will send you an invoice. Once we receive your payment, we'll email your license codes.

Here are the steps for Purchase Orders:

  1. Visit the online store
  2. Add the desired number of InqScribe licenses to your cart
  3. Select "Purchase Order" as your payment method
  4. FastSpring (our online payment processor) will generate an invoice for you
  5. Create your own Purchase Order and reference the the invoice
  6. Send in your payment
  7. When FastSpring receives your payment, FastSpring will send you an email with the license codes.

IMPORTANT: Your InqScribe licenses will be registered under the name provided in the "License Name" field (2nd page of checkout). We suggest using the name of your institution. Contact us at inqscribe.com/support if you have any questions.