InqScribe relies on your system’s underlying video engine— either QuickTime or Windows Media Player— to handle video playback. Windows users can choose InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player.”

Here’s how to change InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player” settings:

  1. Start InqScribe.
  2. Select the “Edit→Options…” menu item.
  3. Select “QuickTime Player” or "Windows Media Player (whichever one isn’t already selected) from the “Preferred Player:” popup menu.
  4. Click OK.

If your are having trouble playing a particular media file in InqScribe, try switching your preferred media player from Windows Media Player to QuickTime (or vice versa). Often changing the default player that InqScribe uses will address the problem.

Note: Due to security risks, we no longer recommend QuickTime for Windows users (more on this subject here).

Note: Mac OSX users have only one media player option, QuickTime. However, Mac users can play Windows Media files using Windows Media Components.