There could be a number of reasons for not seeing your video during playback, but most likely it has to do with the underlying media player in your system.

InqScribe can play any media that is supported either by QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player. So the first thing to do is try playing your video directly in either or both of those players. If you’re using Windows and your video won’t play in Windows Media Player, try installing QuickTime, which is available for free on Apple’s website*.

Windows users can also choose InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player.” If your are having trouble playing a particular media file in InqScribe, you can try switching your preferred media player from Windows Media Player to QuickTime* (or vice versa). Often changing the default player that InqScribe uses will address the problem.

*NOTE: Due to security risks, we do not recommend QuickTime for Windows users (more on this subject here).

If the video will not play in either Windows Media Player or QuickTime, it might require a special codec or plugin. Checkout these tips for playing alternative media formats in InqScribe.