InqScribe saves an alias to the media file with the transcript. So when you re-open the transcript, it should try to locate your media file.

(For you techies: InqScribe saves a relative path from your transcript to the media file. So if you move both your media file and transcript together, preserving their relative relationships, the link should be maintained.)

One of the things IS does when it can’t find a media file is to take the media’s last known path name and apply that path to all available volumes (drives, network shares, mounted CD-Rs). The reason for this is cross-platform support: the same CD-R used on a Mac will have a different volume name than it has on Windows. So we check for the path on all available volumes as a way to transparently load the media for users sharing IS files cross-platform.

If you select Media→Select Media Source from the menu, and look right under the section labeled “File” you’ll see the path to the file:

e.g. on a Mac:


e.g. on Windows:


So if you’re seeing missing media, the likely explanations are:

1. You forgot to save the transcript with the media file link. (Note if you are using an unlicensed version, you can’t save.)
2. The media file is on a remote disk that you haven’t mounted.
3. The media file has moved somewhere that InqScribe can’t find.