There could be several possible causes for InqScribe freezing or media skipping. Below are the most common causes and some possible solutions:

  • Media Player settings
  • Location of your media

Re-install or update QuickTime player.

Often upgrading or re-installing QuickTime will resolve media playback problems. QuickTime is available for free here:

Change InqScribe’s “Preferred Media Player” settings

If you are using Windows OS, check your “Preferred Media Player” settings. Here’s how:

a. Start InqScribe.
b. Select the “Edit→Options…” menu item.
c. Select “QuickTime Player” or "Windows Media Player (whichever one isn’t already selected) from the “Preferred Player:” popup menu.
d. Click OK.

If your preferred media player is set to Windows Media Player, try setting it to QuickTime* player in stead (and vice versa). Often changing the default player that InqScribe uses will address the problem.

*Note: Due to security risks, we no longer recommend QuickTime for Windows users (more on this subject here).

(Mac OSX users have only one media player option, QuickTime. However, Mac users can play Windows Media files using Windows Media Components.)

Check the location of your media

If you are playing media over a server, try saving the media file to your local hard disk, disconnect from the server, and see if the freeze persists. While InqScribe supports media playback of server-based and URL-based media files, sometimes connection problems beyond our control can hamper playback performance. If the media plays fine from your hard disk but not from a server or URL, feel free to contact us for further help troubleshooting your network issue.

Similarly, if you are playing your media from a CD or DVD, try copying the file to your local hard disk to see if that addresses the playback issue.

Quit other programs.

Sometimes running several applications at the same time can slow the performance of your computer, leading to poor media playback performance or sometimes freezing. Try restarting your computer and using InqScribe with no other (or as few as possible) other applications running.