Currently, the answer is no.

InqScribe is modeled around unifying video and text within a single window, but we understand that many of our users would like to take advantage of InqScribe’s media control features while typing in other text editing environments, such as Word.

Many of you noticed that we enabled limited background support in the beta leading up to version 2.1, but we had to yank the feature just prior to the official release of v2.1 due to some unresolved glitches. We expect this feature to be back in a future version update.

You can read more here:

In the meantime, many of our existing users use InqScribe with word in the following way: They create their transcripts within InqScribe, taking full advantage of InqScribe’s integrated interface for playback and transcription. Then, they copy/paste the contents of their transcript to Word, where they do further styling etc. We realize it’s not a perfect solution for everyone, which is why background support is high on our list.

Thanks for your patience.

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