This article is specific to the InqScribe 2.5 beta for macOS. If you're not running this version of InqScribe, please disregard.

The InqScribe 2.5 Beta offers support for Apple's Dictation feature. If you're not familiar, macOS Dictation will listen to your live voice and output what it understands as text. To trigger Dictation, you can either select "Edit > Start Dictation" or use press the Function key ("fn") twice.

Note that Dictation cannot listen to an already-recorded media file and output text. It will only work with your live voice.

Turning Off Automatic Mute
By default, when you trigger macOS Dictation, it will mute audio sources. This may not be what you want to happen, if, for example, you plan to repeat the dialogue in a recording. To turn off the "automatic mute," follow these directions:
  1. Click the Apple icon to the far left of the top bar menu
  2. Select "System Preferences" and open the "Accessibility" menu
  3. Select "Dictation"
  4. Uncheck "Mute audio output while dictating" and close the menu window.