Infinity foot pedals, also branded as "VEC" and "ECS" foot pedals are supported by InqScribe, with a few caveats...

  • InqScribe version 2.5+ supports all normal Infinity/VEC/ECS foot pedals.
  • InqScribe version 2.2.x does not support the newer IN-USB-2 version 15 and IN-USB-3 foot pedals.
  • The "ECS FPAE USB" pedal is a special pedal made exclusively to work with Express Scribe.  It does not work with InqScribe.

There is no need to install additional drivers.

Here is a table summarizing the support:

InqScribe v2.2.xInqScribe v2.5+
not released yet
IN-USB-2 version 14 and older
not released yet
IN-USB-2 version 15+
not released yet
not released yet

✅ = Fully supported
⚠️ = Partially supported.  You can set some buttons.
❌ = Not supported