Yes! Here's how to take your InqScribe transcript into DaVinci Resolve as subtitles:

  1. Prepare your InqScribe transcript.
  2. We recommend inserting a timecode at the very beginning of your media file. This will most likely be [00:00:00.00], unless you set a custom start time. While not necessary, it will help you align your subtitles with the start of your media file in step 5.
  3. In InqScribe, select File > Export > SubRip..." Select a name and save location for the SRT file and click "Export".
  4. Open DaVinci Resolve and select "File > Import > Subtitle..." Chose the SRT file you just exported from InqScribe and click "Open".
  5. You're all set! The subtitles should now be available in your project's media pool. To add the subtitles to your video timeline, navigate to the "Edit" view and drag the SRT file into the timeline.
Questions? Comments? If you're still having trouble getting your subtitles to work, you can contact us at for further help.