If you've encountered difficulty uploading .scc files into YouTube's caption feature, here are some tips.

We suspect that YouTube wants every caption to include positioning information, and InqScribe does not provide that information automatically. For example, YouTube will complain about a transcript like this, exported to SCC.

[00:00:00.00] Start
[00:00:06.16] Takeoff
[00:00:13.21] Catch!
[00:00:19.11] Landing

However, the following transcript, where we wrap every caption with explicit SCC captioning tags, will work.

[00:00:00.00] {ENM}{ENM}{RCL}{RCL} Start {EDM}{EDM}{EOC}{EOC}
[00:00:06.16] {ENM}{ENM}{RCL}{RCL} Takeoff {EDM}{EDM}{EOC}{EOC}
[00:00:13.21] {ENM}{ENM}{RCL}{RCL} Catch! {EDM}{EDM}{EOC}{EOC}
[00:00:19.11] {ENM}{ENM}{RCL}{RCL} Landing {EDM}{EDM}{EOC}{EOC}

Obviously it would help if InqScribe could handle those codes for you in the background, but at this point it can't. We're working on that.

Read more about these codes and the SCC format in our User Guide

For now, the easy workaround is to save your transcript in the SubRip .srt file format, which is perfectly YouTube compatible. SubRip files do not contain any positioning information, so YouTube will just lay them out as best it can (centered, near bottom). You can find detailed instructions on how to import SubRip .srt files into YouTube in this Knowledge Base article.