Note: This article details an issue in InqScribe 2.2.1, which has been addressed in version 2.2.2. If you are experiencing this issue, please update to the latest version of InqScribe 2.2 (a free update).

When exporting your transcript to an SCC file in InqScribe 2.2.1 or earlier , you may encounter the following message:

The following values have no SCC equivalent and were converted to '£'

Why is this happening? As we explain in our User Guide:

"InqScribe will convert characters and ICCD entities to the appropriate SCC equivalent. Note that SCC uses a fairly limited character set, and since InqScribe supports UTF-8, you may have characters in your transcript that have no SCC equivalent. In this case, InqScribe will convert such characters to £, which is a relatively standard practice. After exporting the file, InqScribe will notify you of all characters that it needed to convert in this way."

If the message doesn't appear to list any of the values it's converted, it could mean that there's a new line character. New line characters (such as using the "Enter" or "Return" key to break up text) do not have a corresponding SCC value. The £ message may not seem to list any conversions, but it is trying to show you the "new line" value- which is essentially a blank space. We realize this instance is a little confusing, and we plan to address it in a future update.

If you're still having trouble exporting your InqScribe transcript to an SCC file, try updating to the latest version of InqScribe. If that doesn't help, send an email explaining the problem at and we'll provide further assistance.