We've had some reports of glitchy display when opening a subtitled QuickTime movie on Retina HD monitors. Most commonly, you might be seeing the text box appear in the middle of the screen, like this:

Obviously, something isn't working right here. While we do not have a complete fix available, the good news is that you can workaround the issues by using the following settings in the "Save Subtitled QuickTime Movie" menu:
  • Set Font to "Verdana"
  • Set Alignment to "Center"
  • Set Background to "Transparent"
  • Set Drop Shadow to "Use Shadows"
  • Set Position to "Flush With Bottom"
  • Set Padding to "0"
  • Check "Save as Self-Contained Movie"
These options should offer more stable playback. The key part seems to be setting the Position to "Flush With Bottom", so you may be able to get away with using a different font, for example.

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