The short answer is no, the official release of InqScribe, version 2.2, will not run on macOS Catalina or later.

However, we have a beta of our next release, version 2.5, that is compatible with Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey. The beta is free to use with your existing InqScribe license.

Unfortunately, we have noticed issues with Infinity USB-1 and USB-2 pedals on macOS Monterey. Specifically, the center button triggers a popup menu that may disrupt your transcription. These issues are not unique to InqScribe, and appear to be caused the OS's interaction with the foot pedal's drivers. The newer Infinity USB-3 pedal will work normally with macOS Monterey and the InqScribe 2.5 beta.

For more information about the InqScribe v2.5 beta, head over to our blog: